If you are interested teaching in China and want to know more about life in the Middle Kingdom through the eyes of a twenty-something year old British girl, then you’ll love this blog.

I had been meaning to write a continuous blog as I spent my time in China, however I just never got round to doing so. Currently living back in the U.K. I have more time to contribute to blogging. I wanted to be able to look back at all the wonderful things I did over the past year in China. I hope that my experiences, all good, amazing and bad, can help anyone who might be pondering over the idea of teaching overseas and living abroad.

I’m not quite sure where my sense of adventure came from, I can’t place who or what inspired me to leave the security of my friends, family and job, and throw myself into teaching in a foreign country. But I’m sure as hell glad I took the leap of faith into the unknown.

I grew up in a small town in the north of Scotland and lived there practically all of my life. I graduated from university with a BA in Business and Management and worked in University education for almost three years before I moved to China in 2016. Having spent the most fantastic year living in a city not far from Guangzhou, I taught, traveled, and tried my best to immerse myself in the Middle Kingdom.

I’m currently eyeing up my next endeavour overseas. Watch this space!